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Find a compass to keep directions straight.

Brunton Classic Compass
Optic green base. 45 deg protactor base. Inch/metric scales.
PNI Wayfinder V700 Digital Vehicle/Handheld Compass

Brunton Nexus Star Compass
Features include: 3" x 1.94" x .44" .91 oz. 2° graduations Declination scale Inch & mm scales Lanyard
ALC Alert VT220 Auto/Marine Digital Compass

PNI V100 Digital Vehicle Compass
High Gear TrailDrop II Digital Compass and Thermometer (Model 20002)
No description

GPX R1504SP Portable FM Radio with Compass and Flashlight
The GPX® R1504SP AM/FM radio offers you an innovative carabiner design thatcan easily be hooked onto a belt loop, knapsack or golf bag. It's also set-up with a built-in flashlight and a compass.
Dalvey Compass
Great Groomsmen Gift. The Dalvey Compass allows travelers to explore with elegance and style, combining a high quality military standard compass with fine worksmanship. Size Diameter 2 3/4" Thickness 3/4"

Brunton Nexus Rally Compass
No description
Casio Sea-Pathfinder Digital Compass Titanium Band Watch (SPF40T-7)
Mens Case 45mm, Titamium case, Triple sensor, Moon Graph, Tide Graph, Easy calculation of Moon age and tide data, Yacht Race Timer, Barometer, Thermometer, Continuous Direction Measurement, with 2-layer LCD, One touch operation, Titanium Bracelet Mineral Crystal Japanese Quartz Movement Electro-luinescent backlight Electro-Luminescent Backlight 100Meters(330 Feet) Water Resistant

Brunton Nexus Avalanche Compass
The Brunton Nexus Avalanche compass ads another arrow to your quiver of avalanche detecting techniques. Its slope degree indicator will help you decide which face is most likely to slide and which face is more likely to remain stable. And why carry a compass and a slope degree indicator when you can have them both in one light and snappy package? A mirrored sighting ensures the most accurate readings. And if that's not enough, this compass floats. Why? We honestly don't know. But it can't hurt.
9050 Clip-ON - 9050 Clip ON Compass
9050 Clip-ON:Size: 2.3"x 2" x 0.75". Weight: 1 oz. 5 graduations. Protective cover. Clips on for hands-free use.

Suunto Escape 203 Handheld Altimeter
The Suunto Escape 203 hand held electronic Altimeter features an altimeter, barometer and respective memory functions. Combining high tech styling, ease-of-use and state-of-the-art electronics, the Suunto Escape 203 is the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Colors: Black or Green.
Brunton 8099 Eclipse Compass
Magnified readout. 1 graduations. Field reference cards. 3 Inclinometer systems. Declination adjustable. USGS map scale 1:24K ft, UTM mile. Circle-over-circle alignment system. Map magnifier. Lanyard.

Highgear TrailDrop II Electronic Compass (20002)
Compass: Digital electronic compass. 1 degree resolution with 16 direction pointers. Leveling bubble for increased accuracy. Adjustable declination. Displays bearing in degrees and cardinal points. User option for single or continuous reading. Temperature: Digital thermometer. 0.1-degree resolution. Working range from 4F (-20C) to 131F(55C). User option for Celsius or Fahrenheit. Time: Time with hour, minute, second, month, date and weekday. User option for 12/24-hour format. 2 time zones. Auto calendar from 2000 to 2029. Alarm: 2 daily alarms and hourly chime signal. 20 second alarm sound at alarm time. Hourly chime signal. Chronograph: 1/100-second-resolution chronograph with 24 hour working range. Chronograph with lap/split time measurement. Timer: 1-second resolution with 24 hour working range. Countdown timer with stop, repeat, and up function. Backlight: 3 second EL backlight. Water Resistant: 10 meters. 3-1/2 x 1-7/8 x 5/8 / 1 ounce. Requires two SR936SW batteries.
Casio - Pathfinder Watch With Compass,
Digital Alarm Chronograph, Compass, Thermometer, and Barometer, Resin Band, Yacht Race Timer, Moon Age Display, Tide Graph Display, 100 Meter Water Resistant, Auto Electro-Luminescent Backlight, Daily Alarm, 1/100 Second Stopwatch, Hourly Signal, Auto-Calendar, 12/24-Hour Formats

Sea Pathfinder Twin Sensor Watch Model SPF60-1AV
No description
Brunton Gentleman's Compass
No description

Suunto KB-20 Vista - KB-20 Vista Grey
Suunto KB-20 Vista:A newly designed, compact hand bearing compass made of weatherproof ABS plastic ... and it floats! Accuracy to 1/2, w/marks at intervals of 1. Adjustable optics. V-sight. Size: 2.2"x 3"x 0.6". Weight: 2.5 oz.
Brunton Classic Lensatic Compass
All of us start at the beginning and for those venturing into the wilderness for the first time, this basic base plate compass is quick to learn, easy to use and affordable. Best of all, they get you there and back without any hassle. This model is preferred by schools, Scouts and campers for all around outdoor activities like school yard skill games, nature walks, orienteering competitions and adventure off the beaten path. The base plate has been contoured to fit comfortably in large or small hands and the Brunton patented Red/Black orienting lines, arrow and a stylized Red "N" at 360 degrees on the easy dial, make sure you match the Red end of the magnetic needle to North, every time, to take the right course. The 2 degree graduation lines, the numerals at the 20 degree marks and the cardinal points have all been enlarged for easy reading. For map use, they have added an easy to use "no tools" declination adjustment on all Brunton models and declination correction scales for Nexus compasses. With all these features offered at reasonable cost, how can anyone not afford to have a dependable basic compass to go where you want and enjoy the wonders of our great outdoors?

Highgear Terra Tech Digital Compass
The High Gear Terra Tech is an incredibly useful navigation tool. Beyond its digital compass, the Terra Tech features a full blown watch with time and date display for two time zones, a timer, two alarms, a thermometer, chronograph with 50 lap memory, LED flashlight. The electronic compass features 1 resolution with 16 direction pointers and an 8-direction display A navigation bezel with easy to read hash marks helps you pinpoint your direction. Take a single directional reading or set it to continuous so you constantly know where you're headed. Best of all, the Terra Tech doesn't require a degree in engineering to operate. It's easy to use and includes a thorough instruction manual
U.S. Gov't Military Lensatic Compass
Genuine U.S. Gov't lensatic compass by Cammenga, sturdy metal case, degree and mil scales, phosphorescent dial, comes with lanyard and military case. Cond. new, unissued.

Marching Compass
This rugged import is styled after the U.S. military compass, has ruler and magnifying glass, modeled after our current G.I. compass.
Suunto Mcb-B Amphibian - Suunto Mcb-B Amphibian Black
Suunto Mcb-B Amphibian:A lightweight mirror compass w/fixed declination correction scale and it floats! Sighting mirror. Detachable snap-lock lanyard w/whistle. Rotating bezel. Size: 2.5"x 5"x 0.6". Weight: 1.4oz.

HUMVEE Window Mount Digital Compass
Window Mount With Optional Neck Lanyard. Compass. Clock. Thermometer. Level. Lighted Display.
Cobalt Digital Compass
Cobalt Digital Compass:Cobalt is the first and only digital base plate compass that will take a bearing from a topographical map. Features include easy set-up modes that allow for simple calibration and adjustment, built-in declination adjustment, a bearing mode programmable from map input, and beeping directional indicator. All four cardinal points, plus NE, NW, SE, SW continuously display when in compass mode. Also offers calendar with year, month, date, day, two time zone clock, alarm, and backlight. Button lock prevents accidental turn on and maximizes battery life.

Brunton Sherpa Atmospheric Data Center (Blue)
No description


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