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First Aid Kits

Medical and first aid kits for medical emergencies.

First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit, Softpack, 55 Piece - 1 ea
No description
Pocket Survival Pak
Developed by noted survival authority, Douglas S. Ritter. Spark-Lite Firestarter, current U.S. military issue, waterproof, useable one-handed, over 1000 sparkings in tests 4 Spark-Lite Tinder-Quik, current U.S. military issue, waterproof, each burns 2-3 minutes Fox-40® Rescue Howler Survival Whistle, triple frequency, exceeds U.S. Coast Guard and SOLAS specifications Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, 2 x 3 inches (5 x 7.6 cm) 20mm Survival Compass - liquid damped with groove to accept an improvised lanyard ring Duct Tape - 26 inches x 2 inches (66 x 5 cm), rolled around plastic mandrel Stainless Steel Utility Wire - 6 ft. of .020 inch (1.83 m x 0.5 mm) mil-spec grade, won't get brittle in frigid cold, multiple uses Braided Nylon Cord - 10 ft. (3 m) 150+ lb. (68+ kg) for shelter building, repairs and much more #69 Black Nylon Thread - 50 ft. (15.2 m), 10.5 lb. (4.8 kg) for repairs, fishing line, and much more Fishing Kit - 4 x medium Fish Hooks, 2 x Split Shot and 1 x Snap Swivel, in a clear plastic vial with cap Heavy Duty Sewing Needle - will penetrate heavy materials, large eye for easy threading 4 Safety Pins - repairs, secure items to prevent loss and much more Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil - 3 sq. ft. (0.9 sq. m) #2 Pencil and Waterproof Notepaper - 2 pieces 2.125 x 3.667 inches (5.4 x 9.3 cm) #22 Scalpel Blade - stainless steel, in sealed foil packaging Kit Specific Illustrated Survival Instructions - authored by Doug Ritter, 33 illustrations, on waterproof paper, detailed, easy to understand, practical information Contents List - viewable through pouch back Survival Instructions, can be used as tinder Fresnel Lens Magnifier - 2 x 3 inches (5 x 7.6 cm), in protective sleeve, read small type in survival instructions if glasses lost, start fire using sun Pocketsize Clear Vinyl Pouch - 4 x 5 inches (10.2 x 12.7 cm), 4 x 3.25 inches (10.2 x 8.3 cm) with top folded over, waterproof zip-top closure, lanyard hole, it really does fit in your pocket.

Coleman Survival Kit
No description
Brunton Emergency Pocket Survival Kit - Emergency Survival Kit
Brunton Emergency Pocket Survival Kit:No larger than a credit card. Survival information on three waterproof cards to help you if lost, hungry, thirsty, hurt or cold. Includes unique floating disc compass and magnifying lens.

Guide Survival Kit by BOLS
The contents for The Guide by BOLS were hand picked by Colorado State Search and Rescue directors. Designed to provide all necessary equipment for extreme outdoor emergencies. It contains many first aid components. The Guide is an excellent kit to keep in an RV to be prepared for any emergency. Contains: Spark-Lite Fire Starter and Tinder, Suunto compass, Princeton Tec Attitude light, Gerber knife, Thermal blanket/shelter, Waterproof tape, Solar still kit, Plastic shovel, 30' nylon cord, Ibuprofen, Antacid, Anti-Diarrhea pills, Burn cream, rubber gloves, Wipes-antiseptic, insect repellant & sunscreen, Toilet paper, Wound cleansing spray & Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care by Buck Tilton.
Adventure Medical Kits Blister Kit
The Adventure Medical Blister kit takes the bite out of blisters and get's you back on the trail with this kit.Other Features: Wound Care: 2 Strip bandages, 2 knuckle bandages, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 2 Moleskin, Spenco 2nd skin, Molefoam, 2 antibiotic ointment, folding scissors Weight: 2.8oz Size: 5"" x 4.25"" Warranty: Limited Use: Multi day trips, blister prevention

Orion - Circumnavigator First Aid Kit
Packed in double zipper, PVC coated nylon bags with room to add additional safety products. Contains 7 modules to handle most on board emergencies with expanded assortment. Contents: General First Aid Module - Bandages & necessities, Wound Treatment, . Contents: General First Aid Module -- Bandages & necessities, Major Wound Treatment Module -- Larger bandages & gauze, Fractures, Sprains & Limbs Injury Module, Eye Injury Module, Medications Module - Analgesics, decongestants, antacids, CPR & Shock Module - CPR mask, rescue blanket, Burn Module. 161 pieces.Sh. Wt. 2 lbs.
SAS Combat Survival Tin
Compact and durable tin features a compass, whistle, candle, brass wire snare, a fishing set, instructions, matches, a pencil, sewing kit, wire saw, water tablets, safety pins, a fire lighter, folding scissors, and a striker blade. (Contents of tin may vary slightly.)

Ultralight .5
Ultralight .5:7" x 5" x 1.5", 3.5oz. See chart for contents.
Sport Medical Kit (EA)
A fully stocked soft-padded sports medicine system, easy to use and re-supply. It has a cell phone compartment, and a shoulder strap detaches to become a cell phone belt. This gives you or your organization the peace of mind knowing participants at all levels have a LIFETIME FIRST AID SYSTEM (just like professional athletes use!) but at prices guaranteed less than retail stores, Reusable Ice Bag 9, (4) Instant Cold Packs - 6 x 10, 4.5, Elastic Wrap - 3 x 5, Scissors, (10) Blood-Off Cloth Towelettes, (20) Latex Gloves, Eye Wash 4oz. (2) Rolls Athletic Tape - 1.5 x 15 yards, Roll Pre-Wrap - 2.75 x 30 yards, (20) Anitmicrobial Skin Wipes, (3) Sport Wound Care Kits: Gauze, PVC swap, Non-Adherent Pad, Latex Gloves, Tape, Hand Towelette and Disposal Bag

Mountain Medic II
Mountain Medic II:Compact and easy to carry, the ultimate medical kit for remote base camps, expeditions and rescue personnel. It has reflective piping for high visibility, large empty outer compartments for rescue or personal gear & removable waistbelt. Size: 16" x 10" x 8". Weight: 6 lbs. See chart for contents on opposite page.
Atwater Carey Dayhiker First Aid Kit
Provides a first line of defense against the most commonly encountered trail injuries and illnesses. It is designed for short trips off the beaten path. The Day Hiker is packed with a comprehensive assortment of first aid items and is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or fanny pack, or it can be conveniently attached to your belt. Medical information: First aid instructions Tick removal instructions Personal: Nitrile gloves (pair) Essential tools: Splinter grabber forceps Resealable waterproof bag Two safety pins Wound treatment: Tincture of benzoin swab Two triple antibiotic ointment Betadine iodine ointment Two sterile wound closure strips Two sterile cotton tipped applicators Three antiseptic towelettes Sting relief pad Blister and burn treatment: 2" x 3" moleskin Bandage materials: 1/2" x 10 yds adhesive tape Three 1" x 3" fabric bandage Two knuckle bandage Three 3" x 3" sterile gauze pad 3" x 5 yds comforming gauze 2" x 3" Tefla non-adherent dressings Medications: Four Advil (ibuprofen)

Atwater Carey Family First Aid Kit
A 68-piece kit that will satisfy an entire family's needs. The unique tri-fold soft pack design features multiple compartments that hold materials intended to treat almost any injury sustained in the back country or at home. For everyday use. Medical information: Backcountry first aid Personal: Nitrile gloves (pair) Essential tools: 4 1/2" stainless bandage scissors Single edge razor blade Splinter grabber forceps Pencil Two pill vials Patient assessment form Resealable waterproof bag Two safety pins Wound treatment: Tincture of benzoin swab Two triple antibiotic ointments Two Betadine iodine ointments Five sterile wound closure strips Six antiseptic towelettes Two sting relief pads Blister and burn treatment: Two 2" x 3" moleskin Bandage materials: Triangle bandage 1" x 2 1/2 yds adhesive tape 1" x 10 yds cohesive gauze tape Twelve 1" x 3" fabric bandages Four knuckle bandages Four 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads 5" x 9" combine dressing Two 2" x 5 yds conforming gauze Four 3" x 4" Tefla non-adherent dressings Two Sterile eye pads Medications: Four Tylenol (acetaminophen)
Adventure Medical Ultralight .7 First Aid Kit
You like to go light, but you like to go prepared. Now you can do both with Adventure Medical's new Ultralight Series kits. Adventure racers, backpackers, hikers, bikers, and climbers all rave about the Ultralight .7. Paddlers love its waterproof design which consists of an inner leakproof bag with airtight seal (certified waterproof to 200') and a tough, lightweight outer bag made of 1.3oz silicone impregnated ripstop nylon. This outer bag also has the handiest little stuff pocket for driver's license, credit card, keys, etc. With this kit, you get just enough hospital quality supplies for a couple of ultralight freaks all wrapped up in an ultralight package. SEE ULTRALIGHT .5 FOR LIGHTER VERSION WITH SUPPLIES FOR 1 PERSON (AMK0017).

Adventure Medical Day Tripper First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Day Tripper Kit is the perfect size for small groups heading out on weekend backpacking trips. It contains all the equipment and supplies to treat cuts, burns, blisters and trauma. The Day Tripper Kit is outfitted with the Easy Care Systeman ingenious design that helps anyone, from novices to EMT's, to quickly and confidently administer first aid. The Easy Care System organizes hospital-quality supplies and instructions into injury-specific compartmentsfrom bleeding cuts to burns and blisters.
Atwater Carey Backpacker First Aid Kit
Lightweight and compact for trail running, climbing, and weekend backcountry trips. It contains the minimum required supplies for treating field injuries, including materials to stop major bleeding. Medical information: Backcountry first aid book. Personal: Nitrile gloves (pair). Essential tools: Single edge razor blade. Splinter grabber forcep. Resealable waterproof bag. Two safety pins. Wound treatment: Triple antibiotic ointment. Betadine iodine ointment. Two sterile wound closure stripr. Three Antiseptic towelettes. Blister and burn treatment: Two 2" x 3" moleskin. Bandage materials: 1" x 10yds cohesive gauze tape. Ten 1" x 3" fabric bandage. Four knuckle bandage. Four 3" x 3" sterile gauze pad. 5" x 9" combine dressing. Two 3" x 4" Telfa non-adherent. Medications: Two Tylenol (acetaminophen). Two Advil (ibuprofen).

Cramer Varsity Training Kit (EA)
Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and reinforced double-thick end panels, yet this kit remains lighter and more manageable than other lookalike kits. Riveted hinges and sealed seams keep contents safe and dry. 15 x 10 1/2 x 8 1/4. Contents: Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Cramer Instant Cold Pack, Elastic Wrap, Cinder Suds® Soap, Sterile Eye Wash, Alcohol Wipes, Bandage Pack, Tongue Depressors, Applicators, Povidone Iodine Pads, Foot Powder, Sports Injury Care Handbook, Atomic Balm Analgesic, Tuf Skin® Taping Base, Cramer Pocket Mirror®, Athletic Tape, Iso-Quin® Hand Wash, Zip-Cut Tape Cutter, Universal Sling, Skin-Lube Lubricant, and Roll tape underwrap. Cannot be shipped by air.
Waterproof First Aid Kit by Sawyer
A nice basic kit in a nylon drybag with a quick access front netted pocket filled with a sunblock, insect repellent, after-dive ear drops, soap and aloe gel. Inside are multiple bandages, wraps and ointment for wound care, pain and decongestant meds, moleskin, tweezers and more.

Explorer First Aid Kit Hard (case w/supplies) (1/ea)
Supply Assortment: 5 APAP 2/pkg., 5 Aspirin 2/pkg., 5 Butterfly Bandages, 20 BZK Towelettes, 5 Chlorphen 1/pkg., 1 Cold Pack 5"x6", 1 Combine Pad 5"x9", 5 Diamode 1/pkg., 2 Eye Pads, 1 Eyewash 4 oz., 5 Fingertip Bandages, 1 First Aid Guide, 4 Gauze Pads Sterile 3"x3", 2 Gauze Pads Sterile 4"x4", 4 Gloves, Vinyl, Large, 5 Hydrocortisone Cream Packettes, 5 Knuckle Bandages, 4 Mediburn Jel 1/8 oz., 5 Medimeclizine 2/pkg., 30 Plastic Bandages 1"x3", 5 Plastic Bandages 2"x4.5", 1 Roll Gauze 2"x4yds., 1 Roll Gauze 4"x4yds., 1 Scissors, Wire, 1 Splinter Forceps, 6 Sting Relief Towelettes, 3 SunX Sunscreen Towelettes, 1 Tape 1/2"x10 yds., 1 Triangular Bandage 40"x40", 8 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packettes.
Cramer AT 166 Black Fanny Pack - Empty (EA)
Cramer's new AT 166 / Fanny Pack kit is perfect for someone who wants to carry a lot, but not wear a lot. Only the AT 166 / Fanny Pack features a removable strap and sewn-in belt clips so you can wear it on your pants, with or without your own belt. PACK MEASUREMENTS 10.5" x 2.75" x 5.75"

Adventure Medical Backcountry First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Backcountry First Aid Kit is designed for groups of 10 people who will be out in the wilderness for up to three weeks. This is an extensive emergency kit ideal for mountaineering, trekking, and backpacking. The Backcountry Kit is outfitted with the Easy Care Systeman ingenious design that helps anyone, from novices to EMT's, to quickly and confidently administer first aid. The Easy Care System organizes hospital-quality supplies and instructions into injury-specific compartmentsfrom fractures and sprains to wound care, burns, and blisters. The Backcountry Kit has been the favorite of domestic outfitters and guides since it's introduction in 1989. The custom designed organizer bag has an enhanced waist belt system that fits onto most backpacks.
Adventure Medical Weekender First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Weekender Kit is an affordable first aid kit with an extensive list of supplies. The Weekender Kit is outfitted with the Easy Care Systeman ingenious design that helps anyone, from novices to EMT's, to quickly and confidently administer first aid. The Easy Care System organizes hospital-quality supplies and instructions into injury-specific compartmentsfrom fractures and sprains to wound care, burns, and blisters. Designed to support groups up to 7 people for a weeklong trip, the Weekender carries everything you need to survive a backcountry emergency.

Lifeline First Aid Adventure Pak - 65 Pieces
The Lifeline® First Aid Adventure pack is small, compact and filled with a wide range of first aid items. This kit is light weight and fits easily in your back pack. With enough variety and 65 quality products, it is ideal for any adventure you choose. It includes bandages, gauze pads, dressings, tape cleansing ointments, pain relievers, scissors, mole skin, protective vinyl gloves and much more.
Adventure Medical Fundamentals First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Fundamental First Aid Kit contains supplies to support 8 people on trips less than 14 days. This is the perfect first aid kit for Scout groups and hunting trips. The Fundamentals Kit is outfitted with the Easy Care Systeman ingenious design that helps anyone, from novices to EMT's, to quickly and confidently administer first aid. The Easy Care System organizes hospital-quality supplies and instructions into injury-specific compartmentsfrom fractures and sprains to wound care, burns, and blisters. The custom designed organizer bag has an enhanced waist belt system that fits onto most backpacks and clear plastic windows so you can locate your supplies without everything falling out.

GO! Outdoors - GO! Outdoors Asst.
GO! Outdoors:Every day first-aid items ready to go! Available in assorted colors. 3.75" x 3" folded, 1.6 oz.
Atwater Carey 25 Person First Aid Kit
No description

Ultra Light Paddler
Ultra Light Paddler:Clear, waterproof dry bag makes it easy to find what you need. For 1-2 people/1-4 days. 8.5" x 7", 12 oz. See chart for contents on opposite page.
Orion(r) Marine First Aid Weekender Kit
"Weekender Kit -- Similar to Fish 'n Ski kit, plus adhesive eye patches, ammonia inhalant, cold pack, scissors,forceps, zinc oxide, and triangular bandage. Case: 8"" x 5-1/2"" x 2-3/4"". Be prepared for on the water first aid emergencies. Developed with the boater in mind, Orion First Aid Kits are designed for convenience and economy and contain proven, quality name-brand products. "

Adventure Medical Kits Weekender Medical Kit
Wilderness medicine goes beyond blisters and bandaids. Adventure Medical Kits are designed with the wisdom and experience of Dr. Eric Weiss, an emergency department doctor who climbs, treks, kayaks, dives and does the same things you do. Dr. Weiss is considered a leading authority on modern wilderness and outdoor medicine. The Weekender Medical Kit contains: MEDICAL INFORMATION 1..... Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine 1..... Illustrated Guide to Life-Threatening Emergencies ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT 1..... CPR  Barrier MicroShield 1..... EMT Shears 1..... Non-Mercury Thermometer 1..... Duct Tape 1..... Splinter Picker Forceps WOUND MANAGEMENT ITEMS 3..... Double Antibiotic Ointment 6..... Antiseptic Towelettes 2..... Tincture of Benzoin 1..... 20 cc. Irrigation Syringe 2..... Povidone Iodine Solution (1 oz.) 10.... Wound Closure Strips BLISTER ITEMS 1..... Moleskin (7x4) 2..... Spenco 2nd Skin (1.5 x 2) 1..... Non-woven Adhesive Knit Bandage (7x4) INFECTIOUS CONTROL ITEMS 4..... Nitrile Examination Gloves 2..... Antimicrobial Hand Wipes 1..... Infectious Control Bag BANDAGE MATERIALS 6.... 4x4 or 3x3 or 2x2's Sterile Dressing 2.... Non-adherent Sterile Dressing (3x4) 1..... Adhesive Tape 10 yards ( 1") 10.... Strip & Knuckle Bandages 2..... 8x10 and/or 5x9 Trauma Pads 2..... Conforming Gauze Bandage (3") 2.... Cotton Tipped Applicators 1..... Elastic Bandage w/ Velcro (3") 1..... Triangular Bandage MEDICATIONS 4....
Atwater Carey Pro Series 1.0 First Aid Kit
Medical information: Backcountry First Aid Book Emergency Action Card Personal Protection: CPR Life Mask Nitrile Gloves (pair) Personal Protection Pack Essential Tools: EMT Shears 5.5" Patient Assessment Form Pencil Two Safety Pins Wound treatment: Splinter Grabber Forceps Six Antiseptic Towlettes Two Betadine double antibiotic Double Antibiotic ointment Green Soap Scrub Sponge Irrigation Syringe (12 cc) Two Sterile Cotton Tipped Aplicator Four Sterile Wound Closure Strips Tincture of Benzoin Swabs Blister and burn treatment: Two Moleskin 2" x 3" Bandage materials: Adhesive Tape 1" x 10 yards Combine Dressing 5" x 9" Two Conforming Gauze 3" x 5 yards Elastic Bandage 3" x 5 yards Four Fabric Bandage 1" x 3" Four Gauze Pads 4" x 4" (sterile) Two Knuckle Bandage Two Telfa non-adherent 3" x 4" Triangular Bandage Medications: Four Acetaminophen Tablets (2 pack) Two Antihistamine Four Ibuprofen Tablets (2 pack)

Whitewater Medical Kit
First aid situations confronting whitewater kayakers provided the inspiration for this kit. Shoulder dislocations motivated the inclusion of two triangular bandages, one to sling the arm and another to strap it to the torso while riding a raft for the rest of the trip. Head gashes resulting from flips onto sharp rocks call for suture strips, butterfly bandages, and plenty of tincture of benzoin. Hands blistered by long hours of paddling benefit from moleskin and flexible adhesive tape. Aching wrists, arms, backs, and shoulders holler for ibuprofen, and water teeming with strange microbes led us to include a bottle of iodine water-purification tablets. Given the amount of moisture that is likely to permeate such a kit during periods of frequent use, it seems only sensible that the scissors and tweezers are made of rustproof stainless steel.
Cramer® AT 1782 Soft Side Kit Equipd (EA)
Three quick access pouches, two zippered pockets and a deep main compartment with lockable zipper, inline wheels and retractable handle. 1000 denier Cordura nylon 16 x 14 x 30

Trail:Compact and compartmentalized design, versatile component package. 7" x 6" x 1.5", 10 oz. See chart for contents on opposite page.
Atwater Carey Contractor's First Aid Kit
mfg by: Atwater Carey Perfect for the job site, truck, or even the home shop. With essential items such as knuckle bandages, gauze pads, eye wash, ibuprofen and antiseptic toweletts, this is a must have for every contractor or construction site. It meets OSHA standards and is perfect for on the job as well as the home handy man.

123 Piece First Aid Kit
123 Piece First Aid Kit:Enough supplies to repeatedly treat the most common minor injuries as well as a several more serious wounds. See chart for content details. Includes easy to carry bag with convenient, see-through pouches for quickly locating supplies.
Adventure Medical Solo First Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Solo Kit is a lightweight, personal first aid kit. Leave it in your backpack or car so you'll be prepared in an emergency. On longer trips the Solo Kit is a great compliment to a base camp first aid kit. The pouch-style bag includes clear vinyl windows for finding the supplies you need fast.

Lifeline LF-04204 Wilderness/Road Trip First Aid Kit
No description


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