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Flashlights for the Military

Military flashlights and military supplies.

Petzl E43P2 Tikka LED Headlamp
No description
Aqua Light Swim Mask
No description

Mag Instrument RX1019 Heavy-Duty Rechargeable Flashlight System
Mounts in any position with positive clamp-style action. 1-3/4 hours "on-time" per charge. 30,000 peak beam candlepower with high intensity bulb. 12-volt vehicle cord and 110-volt converter included. Charging-indicator light. Rechargeable up to 1000 times.
Streamlight 65018 Stylus White LED Pen Light
The Streamlight® Stylus® LED light brings a uniquely compact design with hi-intensity LED and a 6000 series tempered aircraft aluminum construction. It's waterproof and features a momentary blink switch and a constant "on".

Streamlight 78014 Ultra Stinger Rechargeable 75,000 Candlepower Flashlight
No description
Rayovac Sportsman LED Headlight
No description

Streamlight 85001 Scorpion 6,500 Candlepower Flashlight
Up to 1 hour continuous use. High-pressure xenon lamp products 6,500 peak-beam candlepower. Two 3V lithium batteries (included) provides a 10-year shelf life. Variable spot-to-flood focus. Rubber-armored sleeve over machined-aluminum body guarantees a sure grip and rugged durability. Spare lamp concealed in lamp holder assembly. Measures 4.9"L and weighs 4.4 oz.
Streamlight 51001 TT-2D 2D-Cell Twin-Task Flashlight
High-powered Task-Lights for every need and application.The Twin-Task line of flashlights offers a patented LED/xenon combination, so you can choose between a super bright light (xenon) and an incredibly long runtime (LED). These lights are ideal to use in a wide variety of applications, including industrial, automotive, security, household, even recreation. And no matter what task you're performing, you'll find them remarkably durable. All are constructed of computer machined aluminum with an anodized finish, are 0-ring sealed, feature an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and are water resistant.They also offer special features that make using them easy and convenient, such as an adjustable focus, a micro faceted reflector, and an enhanced knurled grip.You just won't find a more dependable, versatile line of flashlights than the Streamlight Task-Lights.Features of Streamlight's Task-Lights: - Virtually unbreakable - Computer machined - Anodized aluminum- O-ring sealed- Water resistant - Enhanced knurled grip for ease of handling - Lanyard included - Unbreakable polycarbonate lens Twin-Tasks at a glance:- Patented LED/Xenon combination - Choose between an extraordinary runtime (LEDs) and a blinding bright light (Xenon) - Micro-faceted reflector for a smooth, perfectly focused beam - Adjustable focus - Micro-faceted reflector - Adjustable spot-to-flood focusSpecifications: - Battery: (2) D alkaline - Bulb: High-intensity xenon or ten, 100,000-hour ...

Rayovac High Pressure Xenon 3AA Headlight
No description
3 Watt Luxeon LED Flashlight (Nuwai QIII, 1 CR123A battery)
No description

Streamlight 88002 NF-2 2-Cell Lithium Tactical Flashlight
Vb3 Flashlight
Features dual super bright white LEDs, 28 lumens, 1.2 watts. Battery burn time 100 hours. Body made of Xenoy. Lights turn on when head is flipped up. Swivel head pivots to a full 180 degrees. Multiple use built-in clip attaches to surfaces up to .50 in. thick. 2 3V lithium coin cells included.

Inova X5 LED Floodlight - Black Anodized Casing - Green Spotlight
The new Inova X5 Tactical LED Floodlight has all of the durable features of the original X5 plus a new rear three-way on/off non-slip switch. It also comes with a generous 3/16-inch lanyard hole and a ballistic nylon holster. Super bright LED floodlight for extreme conditions. 2-mile visibility. Lanyard aperture for quick attachment. Waterproof. Machined grooves for enhanced gripping surface. 2 ten-year shelf life batteries. Great for home, auto, or any outdoor activity.
Guide Gear® 3 LED / Xenon Flashlight
Guide Gear 3 LED / Xenon Double-Ended Flashlight! The "2 heads are better than 1" principle... way better! One end delivers the bright closer-range, super-efficiency, long run time of LED bulbs, the other the high-intensity, long reach and focus of a Xenon bulb. It also includes something great for hunters... a green lens cap for subtle light that doesn't spook game, a red one that doesn't spoil night vision. Both fit either end, and are hinged to flip up when not in use. The Light is rugged machined aluminum, gasket-sealed to be highly weather-resistant. Push button on / off / mode change. 6 1/8" long. Uses 2 CR123A lithium batteries (included). Weighs approx. 5 ozs. The ultimate bright idea. Order yours ONLINE today! Guide Gear 3 LED / Xenon Flashlight

Infinity Ultra Task Light White LED Black Body
Infinity Ultra Task Light, White LED, Black Body
Inova T3 - Tactical Police 3.2 Watt LED Flashlight - Black
The INOVA T3 has amazing military-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum flashlight is the first flashlight to collect, concentrate and deliver over 90% of the light generated by its LED lamp. Utilizing breakthrough TIROS optics technology developed in partnership with the team that crafted the Hubble Telescope's lenses, the 3-watt Luxeon's focused, far-reaching white LED beam cuts through the darkness like no other projecting a precise beam of ultra-bright LED light up to 250 feet away!

Infinity Ultra Task Light White LED Green Body
Infinity Ultra Task Light, White LED, Green Body
Holster,Rechageables-Deluxe Nylon
No description

Pelican Versabrites - Pelican Versabrite Dlx
Pelican Versabrites:The smaller Versabrite produces a 6000 candlepower beam with the Xenon lamp module. The Versabrite II produces an 8000 candlepower beam with the larger Xenon module. Both lights feature swivel heads, belt clip and made from unbreakable resins. Batteries and green night vision lens included.
Tikka Plus Headlamp by Petzl
The Tikka Plus headlamp by Petzl features 4 LEDs, an adjustable power setting and tilting bezel to meet your lighting needs. A great, lightweight choice for early morning starts and lighting camp chores.Features: Utilizes 4 LEDs that provide even lighting with no dark spots unlike conventional bulbs. The On-off button adjusts the power of the light to give far more versatile lighting. Tilting head allows you to direct the light where you want it. Comfortable elastic headband holds light securely on your head or climbing helmet. Includes 3 AAA batteries. Specifications: Weight (w- batteries): 2.75 ounces. Batteries: 3 AAA.

Commando Flashlight II Stun Gun - (Black)
The ultimate safety flashlight is the Commando Flashlight II Stun Gun. This 3 in 1 multi functional flashlight features 150KV electric shock stun gun, 130-decibel siren, and a high-powered flashlight. The stun gun puts out enough power to subdue an attacker and the alarm will quickly draw attention to your situation. Constructed of ABS plastic and requires two 9V batteries (included). Comes with a protective cover and a carrying strap. Disguised as a flashlight this stun gun will catch your attacker off guard giving you the opportunity to escape.
Gerber Recon AA Flashlight, Red, Blue, Green, White LED
Features 4 white LED, emits four different colors, Diode illumination adjustable lens system and a lanyard.

ZF-0003BKFC Uzi 7-3/4inch Four-Bulb LED Light - Black w/Sheath
ZF-0003BKFC Uzi 7-3/4inch Four-Bulb LED Light - Black w/Sheath Aircraft aluminum body - Anodized finish - High efficiency LED bulbs - 50000 hour bulb life under normal use - Steady on or push button lighting - Four LED bulbs - Includes three replaceable
PolyStinger Flashlight w/AC/DC 2 Holders 76603
Compact, polymer body. Rechargeable. Water-resistant, O-ring sealed. Secure non-slip, rubber grip. 7-3/8"Length. Adjustable focus. Bright 15,000 CP's.


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