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GPS - Global Positioning System

Handheld and portable GPS systems for directions.

Garmin eTrex GPS with Waterproof Exterior (Yellow)
No description
Garmin GPS V Deluxe 19 MB GPS with PC Cable
Get help getting there with the rugged and waterproof GPS V Personal Navigator. This compact, handheld unit looks up a location and automatically calculates a route, guiding you to your destination with turn-by-turn directions and audible beeps. Features a WAAS-enabled, 12 parallel channel GPS receiver that continually tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position, plus a trip computer with re-settable odometer, timers, and average and maximum speed indicators. Includes MapSource City Select CD that gives you access to detailed, street-level maps with locations of restaurants, hotels and other services in the U.S. and metro areas of Canada. 19 MB internal memory allows you to store data from this CD, plus information from optional MapSource CDs (sold separately). Also features variable screen orientation; dedicated zoom in/out keys; rocker pad designed for easy, one-hand operation; high-resolution screen with backlighting and built-in celestial tables. Stores 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes. Includes a portable antenna, PC interface cable, 12V adapter cable and automotive mount. Weighs 9 oz. Imported. 5Lx2-1/3Wx1-3/5H".

Garmin iQue M5 Integrated Pocket PC and GPS
The all new iQue M5 combines the popular Microsoft? Windows Mobile? 2003 SE operating system with the dependability of Garmin GPS. Go from the boardroom to the hotel room without stopping for directions. Calendar and contact information is seamlessly integrated with the GPS navigation functions, so the iQue M5 will remind you of appointments, show the location on the map and route you there with detailed, turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts. The mobile office applications will give you the ability to read e-mail and view documents when away from the office, then sync to Outlook when you get back*. The iQue M5 includes 64MB of RAM, 64MB of ROM (15MB of ROM is for safe storage) along with a Secure Digital memory expansion slot. Map detail and points of interest data can be stored to RAM or an optional SD card from the included MapSource? City Select? North America CD-ROM. This software application provides millions of residential streets and business addresses for all 50 states; nearly every town in the United States. City Select also includes extremely detailed road maps for Canada and Puerto Rico. Sh. Wt. 5 lbs.
Garmin eTrex Summit GPS with Electronic Compass and Altimeter
The GPS for serious mountaineers and outdoor enthusiast has arrived. With a powerful twelve parallel channel receiver, it provides amazingly accurate bearing information as well as serving as an altimeter and electronic compass. Quickly and easily calculate your rate of climb to satisfy curiosity or help decide whether or not you have enough daylight for the return. Waterproof for marine and recreation use, its compact design allows you to take it with you anywhere and access information via the operating buttons located on both sides of the device. Precision GPS, electronic compass, and altimeter all in one 12 parallel channel receiver Designed for marine and recreational use Waterproof: submergible to 1 m. for 30 min. Compact design

Magellan eXplorist 600 Hand Held Color GPS Receiver
The Magellan® eXplorist 600 handheld GPS unit is packed with a 3-axis electronic compass, a barometric pressure altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, plus the ability to expand your GPS mapping via a high-speed USB data port and unlimited secure digital (SD) card storage. The Geocache Manager enables you to download caches directly and with the PC-style file memory system it's easy to manage all of your data.
Magellan SporTrak Pro Handheld GPS
Compact, rugged, waterproof, powerful, ergonomic full-featured design. 12 parallel-channel receiver. WAAS enabled for up to 3 meter positioning accuracy. Quadifiler Helix antenna for superior tracking in harsh environments. 9 key keypad with large easy-read display. 7 navigation screens. 8 MB North American base map of highways, major roads, parks, waterways, marine navaids, buoys, lighthouses & more. 24MB of built-in memory for downloading detailed maps from the MapSend line of CD's. Uses 2 AA batteries, Not included. Rubber armored impact-resistant plastic construction. PC Cable and User's Manual included.

Garmin Rino 120 GPS Integrated FRS / GMRS Radio with 8 MB of Internal Memory
This Rino 120 FRS/GMRS handheld radio combines two-way communications and state-of-the-art GPS navigation with enough memory to download detailed mapping for driving, hiking, fishing and more. The waterproof, ergonomic design provides convenient 1-hand operation, while Position Reporting can beam your exact location to another Rino user within a two-mile range. Radio functionality provides two-way communications for up to two miles using FRS and 5 miles with GMRS. Featuring WAAS-enabled GPS, it has a built-in basemap consisting of U.S. road and highway detail, plus 8 MB of internal memory for downloading additional road, street, and points-of-interest data from MapSource, MetroGuide, Fishing Hot Spots, Topo or BlueChart CD-ROMs. Includes PC-interface cable. Imported. 4-1/2Hx2-1/2Wx1-1/2D".
Garmin Rino 130 Integrated Two-Way FRS / GMRS Radio
The Garmin Rino GPS-Integrated FRS/GMRS Radio is the most feature-rich unit in the Rino family. This 12-channel WAAS-enabled handheld radio has a built-in electronic compass; weather receiver for seven NOAA weather channels; 24MB of internal memory; and provides 2-way radio communication with a transmission range of up to 2 miles using FRS channels and up to 5 miles with GMRS. Its robust internal memory can store a wide variety of Garmin MapSource CD products (sold separately) and arrives complete with a detailed base map of North and South America, displaying cities, highways, railways, rivers, and more. Features include 14 FRS channels, 8 GMRS channels, 8 GMRS repeater channels; and 38 sub-audible squelch codes per transmission channel for semiprivate radio communications. Transmit power: 1 watt on high power for GMRS channels; 5 watts for low power for FRS channels.

Garmin GPS72 Handheld GPS with Water-Resistant Exterior and 1MB of Internal Memory
The GPS 72 is a low-cost solution for land or marine navigation designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). The GPS 72 can provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections. This rugged, waterproof, unsinkable GPS receiver offers a large, 4-level grayscale screen. Designed as the next generation in basic, entry-level GARMIN GPS, the GPS 72 will get you there, and back again.
Magellan eXplorist 500 North America Handheld Color GPS
The 16-color display of the Magellan® eXplorist 500 handheld GPS unit enables you to see where you are in vivid color. With a high-speed USB data port and unlimited data storage capacity via secure digital (SD) card expandability, you can easily add detailed street maps, topo or lake maps from optional Magellan MapSend® software(not included). It's lightweight and pocket-sized so you can take it with you everywhere.

Remanufactured Garmin Etrex Summit Hand-Held GPS Navigation System
No description
Garmin Geko 101 GPS with Waterproof Exterior (Yellow)
Gekos are the smallest and lightest waterproof GPS units on the market - inexpensive, with sleek designs and simple operating systems.With its sun-yellow case, the economical Geko 101 is perfect for navigational novices. Features such as one-touch waypoint marking make it a snap to use. Easily maneuver from one waypoint to the next using its 250-waypoint storage capacity with symbols, and pan along your track with PanTrack.

Timex 5E671 BodyLink GPS System with Navman II Sensor
The Timex 5E671 BodyLink GPS system features a 3 line display that lets you view heart rate, speed and distance simultaneously. With 100 hour chronograph with lab/splits, 100 lap memory with recall, alerts for targeted heart rate zone, pace, speed and distance, 100 hour, 3 mode countdown timer, 5 alarms, 99% accuracy of GPS system, long battery life, user replaceable batteries and much, much more. Compatible with the Timex Data Recorder.
Garmin GPS V with City Select CD-ROM (12 Channel, WAAS, Map Compatible)
Garmin GPS V Deluxe Portable GPS Receiver

Garmin cf Que 1620 North America (010-00290-00)
Includes Garmin cf Que 1620 MapSource® City Select CD-ROM Universal PDA vehicle mount with automotive friction mount Quick-start guide Installation/Application CD with manual and basemaps (Americas Autoroute Atlantic Autoroute Pacific Autoroute Worldwide Autoroute).
Garmin GPS Extrex & Etrex (DVD)
The ideal companion guide & accessory for your GPS unit. This instructional training DVD features and covers 2 separate training programs for each Etrex unit - the Etrex and the Extrex Summit. Getting started with your Etrex unit has never been easier! This step-by-step training DVD walks you through the key features of the unit and gets you up and running in no time. Learn everything you need to know to begin using your new satellite navigator, from installing the batteries and projecting waypoints to mapping fishing areas and setting up routes. Step-by-step instructions include: Introduction to GPS, Battery installation, Position & Datum, Saving & Identifying Waypoints, Navigation Principles and terms, Navigating to Waypoints, Forming & Following Routes, Editing Waypoints and Routes, Saving Tracks, Customizing the Navigator.

Pelican - 1490CC #1 Computer Case
You break it, we replace it...forever. Like all Pelican Protector Equipment Cases, the 1490CC Laptop Computer Case is watertight, airtight, dust proof, crush proof and corrosion proof. The 1490 Case, molded of advanced ultra high impact copolymer resin, protects valuable laptop computers from handling abuse and all weather conditions. Features a padded lid organizer and shock absorbing tray, lock down velcro safety strap, removable padded shoulder strap, keyed locking latches, atmospheric purge valve, o-ring seal and padded fold down handle.
Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld GPS
<li>Built-in 2MB database of North American interstates, highways, waterways, airports and more<li>6MB flash memory available for downloading maps from MapSend CDs<li>12 parallel-channel, WAAS enabled receiver, quadrifilar helix antenna for superior tracking<li>Stores 20 routes, 500 waypoints and 2,000 trackpoints<li>7 navigational screens, fish/game, sun/moon calculators, NorthFinder<li>Rugged, waterproof design that floats<li>Includes PC cable, 2 AA batteries and wrist strap

Lowrance iFinder Pro Mapping GPS + WAAS
Find your favorite spot on the lake or in the woods every time with the iFinder Pro GPS Device. With a 16-level grayscale, the 3" backlit LED features 240Vx180H resolution—43,200 total pixels—and is easy to read whether you're in direct sunlight or there’s none at all. It has 12-parallel channel GPS and a WAAS receiver, and the built-in US/Hawaii maps even note interstate-exit services. With internal backup memory, the device has a slot for a memory card (sold separately) and allows up to 1,000 waypoints/1,000 event markers/100 routes. Includes a waterproof floating travel pouch and car adapter. Runs 12 hrs. on 2 AA batteries (not included). Imported. 5-6/10Lx2-6/10Wx1D".
Garmin eTrex Camouflage GPS with Hunting / Fishing Calculator
The industries smallest designed GPS now available in Realtree Hardwoods camouflage print. The Camo unit includes a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver, which is differential ready for greater accuracy along with a built-in patch antenna. The Camo unit also includes a waterproof shell to IPX7 standards, which is submersible to 1meter for 30 minutes. Other features include; 500 waypoints, FSTN 4 level gray scale, Electro-luminescent backlit display, resettable trip and speed log, automatic track log, permanent user data storage so no memory backup battery, runs 22 hours on 2 AA batteries (not included) and only weighs 5.3 ounces. Unit comes with a lanyard, owners manual and quick start guide. Dimensions; 4.4''H x 2''W x 1.2''D.

Garmin GPS MAP176 Navigation System
Slim And Compact With Maximized Display. Four-level Grayscale Display. Built-in Maps, And Can Accept Data From Mapsource Cd-roms For Even Greater Detail. Includes Automatic Route Capability, Marine Navaids, Street Addresses, Restaurants, Services And More. Portable, So They Easily Go From Your Vehicle To Your Boat. - 176: 176 * Reference-ID: EB01_32-5022670
Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator, SDIO GPS Kit with Car Charger (PSD80)
The Pharos Pocket GPS Navigator SDIO includes the an ultra-compact iGPS-SD, which slots directly into the secure digital port of a Pocket PC with SDIO Now! capability to turn it into a portable navigation device. The powerful iGPS-SD tracks all GPS satellites in sight, enabling fast GPS signal acquisition and reacquisition, and optimum response in dynamic applications. Includes Ostia navigation software for Windows® Mobile-based Pocket PCs.

GPSMAP 60CS - Color by Garmin
The lightweight, rugged, waterproof GPSMAP 60CS unit by Garmin raises the bar for handheld GPS's by offering a 256-color, highly reflective display that provides easy viewing in almost any lighting condition. With a built-in electronic compass and barometric altimeter combined with GPS technology, this unit provides enhanced bearing and elevation readings. Features . Sunlight-readable display with 256-color transreflective TFT display; color operating system . The electronic compass displays accurate heading while standing still . Barometric sensor with automatic pressure trend recording; altimeter range of -2,000 to 30,000 feet . Trip computer provides odometer, stopped time, moving average, overall average, total time, max speed, and more . 50 reversible routes, 10,000 track points with tracBack technology (navigate to any track point on the displayed map), and 1000 waypoints with additional graphical icons for location identification . It has a detailed basemap with general map data, including highways, major roads, river, lakes, and borders . WAAS GPS receiver with accuracy to 10 feet in North America; built-in quad-helix antenna for better satellite reception . Waterproof to IEC 60529 IPX7 standards (can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes) . Proximity alerts for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint; built-in alarm clock . User-configurable track-line color, waypoint projection, display color scheme, large-numbers
Garmin StreetPilot 2620
The StreetPilot 2620 is a plug-and-play portable automotive GPS navigator that features pre-loaded, detailed maps of North Americaright out of the box. This means no unlocking or uploading map data to your unit! The unit includes a pre-programmed hard drive that stores detailed maps of the entire United States, plus metropolitan areas of Canada. Motorists can navigate to a specific address or to an industry-leading database of more than five million points of interestincluding lodging, restaurants, gas stations, and local attractions. The intuitive, menu-driven touchscreen ensures that navigating the unit is as easy as navigating the road.

Magellan SporTrak Map GPS System
SporTrak Map brings built-in mapping and expandability within reach of everyone. It is a feature rich, fun, and easy to use GPS receiver that does not compromise on features at an unprecedented break through price. It has a small, rugged, waterproof, and ergonomic design that is perfect for the budget conscious outdoorsman needing a compact, but powerful navigator.
Garmin GPSMap 192C Color Depth Sounder with Internal Antenna
The Garmin® GPSMAP 192C is ideal for seafarers who log a lot of miles on their boats, or for people who don't have access to a PC to load individual charts onto their plotter. It boasts built-in, highly-detailed BlueChart® cartography of the coastal United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. This data provides detailed coastlines, shaded depth contours, navaids, port plans, wrecks, restricted areas, and more.

Matrix 97 Series (22728-5024017) - Model: Matrix 97 W/sonar
240v X 320h Pixel. Color Tft 250 Color Display. 500 Watts Rms. 2-1/2" Target Separation. Dual Beamplus Sonar. 20 /60 Coverage. Maximum Depth Capability: 1500'. Includes Temp. - Model: Matrix 97 W/sonar * Reference-ID: EB01_22728-5024017
Garmin e-Trex Vista Starter Kit
Everything you need to get started with the Garmin e-Trex Vista at a great package price. Includes a DVD Trainer, a MicroPak GPS Carrying Case, and a Rechargeable NiMH Battery Kit

Gpsmap 188 & 238 Sounder
Dual frequency sounders that differ only in screen size. Both feature exceptional resolution, fast redraw rates and split-screen capability so you can view your position and sounder information at the same time. Their high repetition rate for transmit pulse creates a sharper, more accurate image. These units are WAAS capable for greater accuracy and have built-in worldwide base maps with coastline detail, U.S. tide data, and inland features. They also accept optional data cards with Garmin's BlueChart marine cartography for additional detail. GPSMAP 188: Screen Size is 5.5". GPSMAP 238: Screen size is 7.1"


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