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Navy Throws and Blankets

Blankets and throws with the US Navy seal and logo.

rtc2301 Navy Blanket
No guy wants a blanket with flowers on it.he want a Man's Towel. Comes in Marines, Army or Navy.
Navy Midshipmen "Classic" Collection 60"x50" Throw Blanket
As the leader in Sports blankets and throws for over twelve consecutive years, Biederlack of America is proud to present SPORTSTUFF, a complete line of collegiate sports team blankets and throws, pillows, body pillows, bean bags, bedrests, and wallhangings. These durable items carry the excitement of your favorite team from a bedroom to a family room. Even outside in the stands they will make you comfortable and show your team spirit as well.

These durable blanket/throws show all the excitement of your favorite team. From the bedroom to the family room they will keep you warm, cozy and comfortable. The team logos are jacquard woven into the fabric for a big, bold look.

Other features include:

  • 85% virgin acrylic and 15% polyester
  • Easy care: machine wash/ machine dry

Navy Midshipmen 60x50 Team Blanket
Wonderful accent for home to show your team spirit, throw measures 60"x50". Team logo jacquard woven into the fabric for a big, bold look. Easy Care: Machine Wash gentle cycle, cold water. Tumble Dry low heat. 85% Virgin Acrylic 15% polyester Our standard return policy applies for this item.
Navy Midshipmen NCAA Fleece Throw Blanket
This is the fuzzy (like fleece) type of blanket, and measures a large 50x60 inches. Proudly made in USA by Biederlack. Machine washable, 85% Acrylic, 15% polyester.


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